How to Create a more Luscious Mane for your Big Day

For me, hair is HUGE, both literally, and figuratively. Like most women, hair is a BIG priority for me – the way my hair looks can change my entire mood, and is one of my most important features. While I have very thin hair, I have a lot of it, so volume is a given (think Monica from Friends when she goes to Barbados) and until recently I didn’t know that 1 in 3 women actually experience hair thinning and/or hair loss from their thirties onwards.

If you have very thin or fine hair, you might be researching wedding day hairstyles and be wondering how to get the most luscious Va-Va-Voom hair for your big day. I’ve partnered with Johnson&Johnson and their newly launched Women’s Regaine Foam to talk about this very important issue and show you the best tips, techniques and wedding-day hairstyles to make the most of your locks.

Last week they invited me to the beautiful Frenchie’s in Herne Bay to learn about the causes of hair loss in women, how to best style thinning hair to create more volume, and action you can take with the new Regaine foam.

Hannah Willmer, Frenchie & Co Director Stylist, says “Thinning hair goes beyond flat, dull-looking hair. Women crave solutions that work and can be easily incorporated into their daily beauty routines. Women’s Regaine’s foam can fit seamlessly into any hair care routine, akin to moisturising and using an eye cream.”

Hereditary Hair Loss in Women

Most people lose between 50-100 hairs a day, which is considered normal hair loss. People who consistently experience loss or shedding of 150 or more hairs a day may be experiencing significant loss. Hereditary hair loss is the most common reason for progressive hair thinning. Female Pattern Hair Loss appears as a “diffuse” thinning over the top of the head and along the part.

Women’s Regaine Foam is a major advancement for women’s hair loss, scientifically proven to actually help regrow hair (not just cosmetically thicken it). It’s available in pharmacies nationwide without prescription.

Styling your hair for Maximum Volume 

As part of my morning with Regaine, one of the lovely stylists at Frenchie’s showed me a few tricks to achieve the look of thick, lush locks.

Generally, the sleeker the do, the less volume, whereas the more boho and relaxed styles are easier to add volume to. To test her skills, I asked for a sleek updo with a high bun. She recommended this Redken Powder Grip mattifying powder as an alternative to teasing the hair, which can cause further damage.

She first ‘set’ my hair with curls to add volume. Next, she wrapped the bun in several stages, starting with a small ponytail, and adding powder and volume with each layer.

Once the look was ‘finished’ she added more volume by loosening up sections, making the bun more relaxed and natural, and adding a little to its size.

While I’m not yet in need of Regaine myself, it’s so great to know that women who do suffer from hair loss now have a fantastic product on offer. Typically you would use the foam for a minimum of 12 weeks before you see results, so if you’re currently counting down to your summer wedding, now is the time to start. The way the product works is to target the root of the problem, and reenergizes and revitalizes hair follicles. Clinical studies show that with once daily use of the foam for 24 weeks, 81% of women regrew hair, and new hairs were up to 48% thicker.

If you’re hiring a hairstylist for your wedding day, ensure to have a trial session to make sure you can achieve the look of thick, lush locks, and if you’re doing your own hair, follow some of these tips.

1. Creating Volume
If you have thinning hair or very fine hair, you’ll want to create the illusion of volume.  Body-boosting curls or waves can work wonders to create the appearance of thick hair.  A conical wand/tong is the easiest to do so, but with a bit of practise you can also curl with a straightener, or practice with hair-rollers if you have a little patience.

2. Accessories
If you have thin hair, hopefully you’ve already come across “donut” hair accessories.  Instantly adding fullness to a bun, I learned about “donuts” from a flight attendant friend of mine (they always have the best hair) and it’s a great go-to hairstyle if my hair needs a wash, or is looking limp and lacklustre.

3. Up-do
All skilled wedding hairstylists will be able to create a voluminous up-do like mine pictured above, but this one is also easy enough for you to do yourself too, with a little practice.


The first step is actually to curl your hair, creating volume and allowing the hair to “set” for an hour or so.  I use a Conical Wand to curl my hair – it’s totally foolproof.

Second, take a thick piece from one ear, and make a simple plait long enough to pull across like a hair band.  Secure with bobby pins (will be covered shortly).


Tie the remainder of the hair in a low pony or messy bun close to the secured plait, and arrange the curls to cover the secured plait, and in loose, natural waves.

4. Thick Ponytail in minutes
Again, it’s suggested you curl and allowing hair to set before this hairstyle.  Take two hair ties and one small hair clip (butterfly clip.  Tie the two ponytails like so.


For even more volume, now add the butterfly hair clip right in the centre of the top ponytail.

5. Short hair
For short and thin hair, this is a great way to add extra volume.  Apply a volumising product such as the Redken above or a Volumising Mousse, and use your fingers to add volume before pinning individual sections with bobby pins.


6. Backcombing

Another easy style for added volume is to backcomb, hairspray, and repeat.  Take a small comb, and back comb each section before adding a headband to create a tidier look. Just be aware that frequent back-combing (aka teasing) can damage your hair.


7. Treat the problem

If left untreated, hair thinning can worsen over time. If you have a little time before your wedding, consider trying Women’s Regaine Foam. You can find out more from your local pharmacy, where it’s available without prescription – RRP of $85.99 for a 2-month supply and $129.99 for a 4-month supply. This post was brought to you with support from Regaine, and I’m very happy to support a business that’s helping women regain their confidence!

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