Wearing White to a Wedding (and breaking other Rules)

Is it ever okay to wear White to a Wedding??

I’m attending a good friend’s wedding this Friday, and know the Bride isn’t wearing white, which got me thinking… if she isn’t wearing white to her wedding, can I? We all know the rule about weddings “You can’t wear White to a Wedding!” but I’m not always one to follow the rules – especially the “Fashion Rules”.  Today, I set out to show that you can wear white to someone else’s wedding, so long as you do so tastefully and considerately (which is, of course, how you should dress for someone’s wedding anyway!)

While breaking one wedding/fashion rule might have been enough, I decided to break a few others too:

  • Wearing white to a wedding;
  • Wearing black (and sheer) to a wedding;
  • Wearing see-through lace which shows my midriff to a wedding; and
  • Wearing black leather to a wedding!

I think I’ve broken them all tastefully, and without disrespecting the Bride, but you might disagree with me and if so, I’d love to hear.

White Boohoo Skirt Kate Spade Mr Mrs Clutch Wedding

This is my favourite look, a monochromatic two-piece with a little colour added by the Velvet boots and Red-wine lipstick (Dark Side from Mac Cosmetics’ new holiday collection). I’m wearing white, but white isn’t the focal point of the outfit – I’ve chosen bold accessories which complement the white skirt, and the look clearly is not ‘bridal’.  These boots are my new favourites, they were such an amazing price I almost don’t want to share…
‘Freya’ Boots – $60 worn throughout
Black Bodysuit – Kookai  (last season)

‘Ivy’ Double Mesh skirt – $45
Kate Spade Mr & Mrs ‘License Plate Clutch’ – $500
Karen Walker ‘One Splash Crazy Tort’ $329 
Worn throughout
Essie “Private Holiday” – Worn Throughout

Next, to banish black (and sheer) from the wedding rule-book!

Black can be a bit depressing really, so often chosen to hide our sins (post-Christmas, perhaps) and isn’t exactly the joyous, celebratory colouring you might associate with weddings, where florals are more often the fabric du jour. Sheer lace is also unlikely to be your go-to for a wedding, but I think this look proves it’s not impossible either.  Combined with a splash of colour (those bargain boots) and a design that’s still feminine, floaty and romantic, sheer black lace is less ‘Look at me’ and more ‘Feeling festive’.

I’ve also paired this little black dress with a short camel coat, just incase it happens to be a Catholic wedding and sheer lace is a little risque…

Boohoo Belted Sofia Coat WORLD dress NZ
Black Lace Dress – WORLD $350  (last season)
‘Sofia’ Belted Jacket – $59

With Black & White done… I set out to test textures – leather and lace!
While this top is clearly white, see-through and shows my midriff, I’ve balanced it with a long skirt (albeit a leather one) and kept my accessories simple and understated.  With soft make-up (Benefit cosmetics), pastel-hued toes and delicate gold jewellery (Hive Jewellery) the outfit is pulled together and classy, rather than the cheap and tacky it could have been, based on white lace and black leather…
Black leather skirt – Witchery $369  (last season)
Black scrappy mules – Mi Piaci $280 (on sale currently $120)
White lace top – Zara (last season)
& Pictured below:
White Top & Black Lace Skirt – both Zara (last season)

Kate Spade Mr Mrs License Plate Clutch

P.S. I’m obsessed with this Kate Spade bag Blair bought me for for my birthday!! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the black/white/sheer/lace/leather debate, whether I nailed it tastefully, or whether you’d take me off the guest-list after seeing these pics…?

Now, I’m sure it’s not just Blair that gets tired of amateur photography… but after taking various outfit pictures for me, thought it was time to be rewarded for his hard work, so we decided to also break every diet rule in the book (except perhaps, treat meals) and I took him and a friend to my favourite dessert spot in Auckland, the fabulous (and equally fashionable) Giapo!

I came across Giapo a couple of years ago when I moved to Auckland, and have been a die-hard fan ever since. Amazingly, though, I’d never taken my fiance, and it was about time.  If you haven’t tasted Giapo, you don’t yet know ice-cream.  Giapo is Haute Ice Cream – created by Giapo Grazioli who transforms dessert into art (while also perfecting flavours, tastes and textures).  As a rule, I usually go for Siamo Popo (coconut-cream Dulce de Leche) but today broke that rule too, reaching for the Organic Kumeu Strawberries & Cream! It was incredible – light and fresh while still decadent and thick – it truly didn’t last long.

Of course, the ice-cream matched my white skirt, new fav boots and white “Private Holiday” Essie nails too… but mostly it tasted amazing (as did Blair’s Chocolate Peanut Slab, and Terry’s Raglan Coconut)!


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