Planning your Honeymoon: Why Wait?

As we made the final arrangements for our honeymoon, I finally felt thankful that we waited for six months after the wedding to take it.  While it would have been amazing to jet off immediately following the weekend in February (perhaps following some of our guests back to their hometowns in Seattle, Berlin or London), the honeymoon we envisaged for six months later just wouldn’t have been possible back then.


The reason, as is the reason for many things in life, is money.  Quite simply, like most couples, we spent a lot (read: ALL) of money on our wedding, so a February honeymoon would probably have been to a campsite on the way home from the Coromandel.  Instead, we headed to Hawaii, where we stayed in beautiful accommodation, visited four different Islands: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Island, and can afford to dine overlooking the Pacific from a beachside luau, rather than the fish ‘n’ chips in Papamoa.


The reason we’ve been able to afford this once-in-a-lifetime trip six months after our wedding, is because we’ve made an effort to recognise where our money goes (and where some of it could go elsewhere).  Recently, when Westpac approached me to trial its new app which was designed to do just that, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been a Westpac customer for 18 years now, and I’m amongst the first to try CashNav app.

It’s not that I wanted to stop spending altogether for six months, but I wanted to know exactly what I was spending, where and on what, and spend that money smarter.  For example, buying bottles of wine in Ponsonby on a Saturday night means a smaller budget for cocktails in Maui, (plus I enjoy having friends over to ours for drinks!)

That’s not to say I’m not having special meals out with friends, of course, and when I do, that money is immediately earmarked within my CashNav ‘dining-out’ allocation.  From there, I can understand how much I’m spending on dining out month by month, set goals for subsequent months, and see where patterns emerge, or where I might want to cut back a bit. If my spending starts to exceed my allocation, CashNav will alert me before I go over budget.


There was no way I wanted to be eating takeaways in my hotel room on our Hawaiian honeymoon, I’d much rather make the savings early and have more money to take with us.


CashNav helped me to see where I was spending my money so we could have the honeymoon we really wanted. If you want to get started with CashNav, all you need is a Westpac bank account. If you’re not already a customer, you can open an account online, it only takes a few minutes, and then you can use CashNav to track your spending from there.

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