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To Avo and To Hold

I’m already onto my second career choice, but I can’t help but think my next will be opening an avocado-only cafe/shop. Instead of just ‘pin’ my inspiration, I thought I’d share with my fellow avo-obsessed sisters! Click to link to products and recipes!

‘To Avo and To Hold’ – probably the first of many terrible puns in this article.

Let’s begin with something at least vaguely wedding related to be in keeping with She Said Yes! Store your engagement ring in a ring dish you love as much as the bling itself with this Avocado trinket dish! Each one made from scratch by hand and it’s only $26! Bridesmaids, buy this for your bride-to-be (with a little white book duh).




Caprese salads are already the bomb – all that creamy mozzarella slices paired with the freshest of juicy tomatoes… bit IMHO they’re missing that special something.

Make this epic Avocado Caprese Salad now.

A picture may paint a thousand words, but this pin speaks volumes with just one word, and no picture.

I’d wear this heart shaped Avocado pin close to my chest.Avocado-obsessed-shop-products-recipes

Thinking about Avocados even when you’re eating your morning cereal..?

Me too. This Avo spoon is for you.

I’m not even a sandwich gal, but for this Green Goddess Avocado & Grilled Cheese Sandwich, I’d make an exception.


Needing no introduction, this hand made and made to order Avocado phone case ticks my Avo obsession and social media passion in one.

If you’re not as devoted as me, you might also like pizza, donuts or sushi. Yum.

Subtle but still beautifully creamy and delicious, this Avocado Baseball Cap is the perfect nod to your love of the finest fruit.

Vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Avocado Ice Cream has only 5 ingredients and no ice cream machine is needed. It’s creamy, refreshing and also pretty healthy!

Salad is only a suggestion for this Avocado Salad Dressing!
Add to Roast Potatoes, Grilled Chicken, or even Avocado!

To go with your daily bread (and avocado) a cup of tea in one of these oh so appropriate Avocado mugs.


Even when you’re not stuffing your face with the green gold, have them close by with beautiful handmade polymer clay Avocado jewellery by Clay & Clasp!

Or these avocado bff friendship necklaces!

An awesome twist on Avocado on toast is a worthy mention – Miso Tahini Avocado Toast (I’d add salmon!)

A Valentine’s or Wedding Day Avo-Card for your loved one! Birthday specific here, and this ADORABLE pregnancy one!

What would an Avocado article be without the humble guacamole!? C- Jamie Oliver‘s, obviously!

And… I’m hungry! Avo great day everybody – I hope you enjoyed some of my picks and pics!

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