I still do – wedding anniversary diary


I still do is a wedding anniversary gift, marriage workbook, memory book and keepsake.

The perfect sequel to the little white book wedding organiser and diary, and currently available for pre-order (delivery estimated at 23 days)

Product Description

I still do is a wedding anniversary diary, a marriage workbook and a keepsake.

Research shows that if couples can look back and remember earlier good times together, usually a marriage can be saved. 

A happy marriage is about three things: memories of togetherness, forgiveness of mistakes, and a promise to never give up on each other
– Surabhi Surendra


how to use I still do – your perfect wedding anniversary gift

Whether you’re beginning after your first wedding anniversary or your seventeenth, you’re about to embark upon a journey of discovery and reflection on your relationship. This book is made up thought provoking prompts to enable you to celebrate and appreciate your lives together and reflect upon your growth. This is the beginning of what will hopefully be the rest of your very long lives together, so invest a few hours or even a few evenings in this process, and they will bring you a great return later.

past: start by thinking about how your adventure began on your wedding day, and your thoughts about marriage. Make notes of your vows, wedding speeches, and anything else that was important to you on the day your marriage began is a great stepping stone to begin the rest of this book (and marriage itself). Indulge in the experience of reliving your special day. Fill this in as soon as you’re married (or as soon as you get your hands on I still do).

present: Whenever you receive this book, write down your current thoughts, and set some goals together.

future: The pages following are for your wedding anniversaries. Ideally, you will begin I still do on your first anniversary. However, you can pick this book up at any time during your marriage, whenever you feel like it could do with some attention and intentions.

beyond: At the completion of I still do, you will have a very special keepsake of ten years of marriage, at which point you can begin your second edition. When your marriage needs work, you can look back at earlier years, and build upon your history. Perhaps also when you are old and forgetful you can stumble back upon this and experience that rush once again, and pass it onto your children one day. 

Shipping in 3 weeks. If you’ve been using the little white book, this is the perfect sequel to your wedding organiser. It’s identical in size and shape, but instead of just one year, will last you the next ten!

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