little white book – wedding diary & organiser


For the first time, a wedding organiser and diary all-in-one for brides. You’ll take it everywhere, actually use it, and keep it forever.

Stay organised with a planner, create a keepsake of memories in a diary, and tick off essential wedding planning checklists.

The little white book seamlessly integrates with day-to-day life, it’s the wedding diary and organiser a bride to be not only wants, but actually needs.


  • You’re engaged, congratulations!

    There’s much to organise, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. The little white book is a modern bride’s daily diary and wedding organiser. Designed to simply and seamlessly incorporate wedding planning in a bride-to-be’s life:
    – wedding planning essential tools (e.g. guest lists, budget, venue appointments and contact, other vendor meetings, honeymoon planning)
    – detailed checklists integrated within the 12 month timeline
    – a 12 month diary (1 week per double-page spread, then 1 page per day in the final week)
    – diary prompts, and an allocated space every week for goals and tasks
    – plenty of note and blank pages
    – made to the highest quality, worthy of its keepsake status.

    now in stock, ships in 1 business day.
    Main photo: The Official Photographers

    Compiled into one easy-to-carry, simple, streamlined and stylish diary, the little white book will go with you from florist to baker (and candle-stick maker) but also looks professional enough to use as a daily diary and organiser.

    A 12 month count-down diary structure, essential wedding planning checklists integrated throughout (list-lovers rejoice), space to record appointments, journal prompts, and room for your thoughts. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

    It’s your indispensible wedding companion, and treasured keepsake.

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