little white book + Rose Tinted Flowers


We have just teamed up with floral-favourite Rose Tinted Flowers to create the absolutely most beautiful, perfect engagement gift for all brides-to-be (within the greater Auckland region, that is)! Pair a Classic Bouquet with the little white book wedding organiser and diary for just $99 with same day delivery on orders placed by 1pm.

We can deliver within Auckland as far north as Torbay and as far south as Drury, out to Swanson and over to Botany Downs. If you’re outside of this area, we can ship the little white book (alone) worldwide.


  • The perfect engagement gift is just a few clicks away!

    Here’s the little white book – the wedding organiser and diary I designed to make wedding planning easier and more beautiful.

    Next, we have what I can only describe as the most bloomin’ beautiful blooms. I have a flower subscription with Rose Tinted Flowers, so it couldn’t be more perfect to offer you her “Classic bouquet” with my wedding diary as the perfect engagement gift.


    A little more info on the little white book wedding diary, as these blooms speak for themselves!

    A beautiful wedding begins with a beautiful planner, and your wedding planning journey begins with this wedding planning journal – the little white book™.

    There’s so much to organise, and the little white book wedding diary is designed to make that much easier – incorporating wedding planning as a seamless and simple part of day-to-day life.   A 12 month count-down diary structure, organised checklists at regular intervals, journal prompts, space to record appointments, and most importantly, room for your thoughts.

    During my engagement, I searched worldwide (and my Maid of Honour kindly scoured New York) for the perfect wedding planning organiser – a book I could take with me to vendor appointments, dress fittings, and an everyday companion to wedding planning.  I couldn’t find anything near what I had in mind, so shortly after my wedding in 2016 I began creating the little white book.

    I promise it will be an indispensible, stylish and most of all, helpful companion.

    Quite simply, it’s going to keep you company from “Yes” to “I do” and be so much more in the process.  It’s a wedding planning organiser, a diary, a journal, checklists, and a compendium of everything you need to plan your wedding, while recording everything memorable about the process.

    The little white book™  will change your wedding planning journey for the better.

    What are you waiting for? Be among the first to get your hands on the little white book™ and Rose Tinted Flower engagement gift – buy now!