Another way to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

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If you spend (un)healthy amounts of time planning your wedding on Pinterest pinning dream reception decor, gorgeous wedding gowns and cascading blooms of bouquets, yet still don’t feel like you have an organised sense of style, I hear you.

Pinterest has changed the way we style our weddings – most certainly for the better. Gone are the days of simply ripping pages out of magazines and “arranging” them in a pile on the floor – now we can set up tens (if not hundreds) of pin boards for every aspect of our fantasy wedding, and at some point hopefully distill this dream into a beautiful plan to be shared with the vendors who help us bring it together.

With thousands of pins though, across however many boards, I’ve found it difficult to “see the wood for the trees” – to identify exactly how my favourite pin from each board (Blooming Lovely, Piece of Cake, Dream Dresses, etc) could actually come together.  We’ve come so far since the magazine-tear outs, but perhaps we’ve left out the final crucial step, the distillery.

This month, as I finalise my wedding flowersdecide whether or not I should wear a veil, and run through trials of hair and make-up, I decided to take it old school – to create a physical “Mood Board” of all the Pins, Instagram screenshots, web-grabs and pictures my endlessly helpful bridesmaids send me.

To get my mood board started, I saved all my favourite Pinterest pins, selected my insta-inspo and had the pictures printed.

Printicular New Zealand 6

I started by arranging my prints (together with some of the wedding linens) and working out which ideas and colours would go together best, before making my own mood board on the wall.

Printicular New Zealand 7

Pinterest can be pretty overwhelming, but this is a creative way to use it which you may not have thought of. Next, read about the 5 Top Wedding Planning Tools that aren’t Pinterest, or head to the wedding planning page for an index of content.

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