Cutting the Cost of Wedding Cake

When we talk about saving for our wedding, it sounds like we’re putting a little money aside each week.  I only wish it were that easy – that we’d plan a wedding…


The other diamonds a Bride-to-be needs

There’s nothing like waking up on Christmas morning to discover a small box under the tree or in a stocking, and just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean you need to miss out. While Christmas is…

Bride Tribe: Jessie Carlson

bride |brʌɪd| noun a woman on her wedding day or just before and after the event. tribe |trʌɪb| noun 1. a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest 2. a…

Wedding Dress Code: What to Wear

There’s little more exciting than receiving an invitation for something truly fabulous (and what’s more fabulous than a wedding?) that I can’t wait to attend, and little more nerve-wracking than feeling stuck as to…


Christmas gifts for the Bride to Be!

We don’t all have the luxury of choosing exactly what arrives on Santa’s sleigh, but should you be lucky enough that someone asks “What would you like for Christmas?” (or you can always drop…


Choosing my Dream Engagement Ring

Today’s incredible beautiful post comes from my gorgeous friend Marleen who was recently engaged to her dream man, and was able to choose her dream engagement ring too! Marleen has generously offered…


3 Months Wedding Planning Checklist

If you are counting down the final 3 months before your wedding, the tasks soon begin to mount, and can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a great checklist to work to.…

Getting Sh*t Done: How to "Do It All" (Without Burning Out)

Get More Done Every Day (Without Burning Out)

Not enough hours in the day for actually getting shit done? I feel you. Really. I too am still working out how to find the time, and energy to get more done…


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