What’s more important than Wedding Planning?

This week’s article takes a break from Wedding Planning and actually talks about something way, way more important… Marriage Planning. It’s not the subject of glossy quarterlies, you can’t hire someone to do it for…

Hens Party Accessories You Cannot Be Without

Best Bridal Hens Party and Bachelorette Party Games

Want to plan the Best Hens Party EVER?! Of course you do! Well… you’re going to need some bachelorette party games – help everyone get to know each other, encourage the bride…


Parisian Elegance: Le Narcisse Blanc Paris Hotel & Spa

A post shared by Megan Hutchison, She Said Yes (@shesaidyes) on Jul 28, 2017 at 2:55pm PDT You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d designed it myself (if only I was that talented)…

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