The Wedding Diet: Shredding for the Wedding?

We’re three weeks post-engagement, and I haven’t changed my eating habits or exercise regime. I haven’t started Shredding for the Wedding/ thought about attending “Bridal Bootcamp” or begun a “Wedding diet”. Yet…

How to Plan Your Engagement Party

Planning your engagement party may be the first big celebration you’ve ever organised. Throwing an engagement party is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your exciting news with your friends and family, give families an…

how to announce your engagement

Wedding Diary Part II: How to Announce your Engagement

I could only hold in my excitement ten minutes before rushing downstairs to share my news with my friend, flatmate, and now bridesmaid, Hannah! From there, my first phone calls (not having close family) were to my best friends (who would all become my bridesmaids) – although I would have loved to tell them all in person, because they’re situated literally all over the world (as far afield as New York and France), it had to be via Skype, but tears flowed and I flustered over details of the proposal, the ring, and the approximate date they’d be flying home for.


Why Diamonds?

I have always been one to ask “Why?” It used to be my Dad and my Uncle who were the recipients of my endless questions, and now I’m directing my inquisition towards…