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Trisha & Sean’s beautiful Maui Engagement Shoot


Trisha, your engagement shoot is so beautiful, I was just in Maui myself, do you live there? I used to live on Oahu for a couple years and absolutely love Hawaii. My fiance does a pro windsurfing circuit and comes out to Maui every year for a couple weeks to train and compete (and I […] Read more…

What is The Best Wedding Organiser Book?


Planning a wedding was hands-down the most exciting and rewarding time of my life. However, it can also be stressful, time-consuming and hard work. There are so many (little, and usually simple) tasks to tick off, that it’s really essential you get planningon track as soon as possible with a wedding organiser book or diary. Using checklists […] Read more…

Maui Hawaii: Fairmont Kea Lani


Between 400 resorts and a few million annual visitors, Maui isn’t exactly an original honeymoon destination, but it doesn’t take long to discover why it’s long been newlyweds’ paradise. Picturesque shores, palm-fringed golf courses, lush valleys and hiking trails, and the largest (inactive) volcano in the world, it’s a tropical retreat, but there’s also enough restaurants, nightlife […] Read more…

Planning your Honeymoon: Why Wait?


As we made the final arrangements for our honeymoon, I finally felt thankful that we waited for six months after the wedding to take it.  While it would have been amazing to jet off immediately following the weekend in February (perhaps following some of our guests back to their hometowns in Seattle, Berlin or London), the […] Read more…

What Does your Engagement Ring Say About You?


A photo posted by The Diamond Shop (@thediamondshop) on Sep 15, 2016 at 8:06pm PDT Whether you’re already wearing the engagement ring of your dreams, or you’re hoping your partner will pick the right rock to suit your style, decode what your engagement ring says (or will say) about you – and perhaps subtly send […] Read more…

If you only get one facial, make it this one!


This morning I took my skincare to the next level, finally succumbing to the rewards of retinol! Every month I walk the 750 metres (today I taxi’d because of the ankle!) to Louise Gray Skincare, counting my lucky stars that my local skin therapist is also the best I’ve ever had, and counting down the steps til […] Read more…

Review: Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil for Dewy Skin


Update: January 2017 I am still using and LOVING this product, Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil is a game-changing life-changing product that needs to be on your bathroom counter! Today I was one of the first to try Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil incorporated in my monthly IonActive facial with Louise Gray Skincare, and I can tell you […] Read more…

Olivia Thistle Unveiled: an Interview with William Drummond


A mutual friend introduced me to William Drummond, knowing our shared passion for the wedding industry would give us plenty to talk about. William is the founder and designer of Olivia Thistle, an incredibly beautiful vintage inspired bridal accessories. The friend was right, I’m enamoured by Olivia Thistle’s old-world romance and also in awe of William’s […] Read more…

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