April 2015 – She Said Yes – Wedding Planning Advice

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Asking for wedding presents: What to choose and how to ask?


When else in life do you actually choose your own gift and ask others to buy it for you (beyond sending Santa your Christmas list…!)? Some couples can feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when asking for wedding presents – but you needn’t. Honestly, your guests want to buy something for you both to mark the incredibly special […] Read more…

Those 4 Little Words: Will you Marry Me? (Or: Will He Ever Ask?)

So you’re “officially” dating… then you go through your first anniversary, second, third, fourth… and start wondering how long it’s going to be until he finally says those 4 little words “Will you marry me“!? I’m sure it wasn’t just me, knowing that we’d end up getting married, but (hopefully not too desperately) wishing it […] Read more…

Wedding Planning: First Steps


You’re Engaged, Congratulations! You are about to embark on the most wonderful and exciting journey of wedding planning, and I’m here to help! Laying the foundations for the wedding plans require a few key considerations.  The first wedding decision to be ‘set-in-stone’ is booking a venue (and paying a deposit), but it’s not as easy as just […] Read more…