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  • Things to Do in Rotorua Weekend Romantic Activities TreeWalk Rotorua

    Romantic in Rotorua: a Weekend’s Worth of What to Do and Where to Visit

    A weekend in Rotorua didn’t immediately spring to mind when organising a romantic getaway either, but the past few days in the thermal wonderland has shattered all expectations.  If you’re looking at whether to go, or what to do in Rotorua, look no further, because our experience couldn’t have been better. Lake Rotorua is visually stunning; […] Read more…

  • Perfect Picnic Date

    Planning the Perfect Picnic Date

    In the ten years or so we’ve been “dating“, you think at some time we’d have been on the simple Picnic date, and now that we have, it’s definitely going to be on the cards again. Planning the perfect picnic date is as such an easy, quick and romantic way to spend time together one-on-one: […] Read more…


  • Arbonne-New-Zealand-NZ-launch

    Arbonne Launches in New Zealand for Customers and/or Consultants!

    Arbornne was introduced into New Zealand this month with parties and launches up and down the country.  Having never heard of Arbonne six weeks ago, I’m amazed by how much I’ve seen and heard of the brand since then – it’s taking the country by Storm!  If you haven’t yet come across it, let me introduce you… […] Read more…

  • wedding-day-hairstyles-thin-hair-thining-kerastase

    Wedding Day Hairstyles for Brides with Thin Hair

    If you have very thin or fine hair, you might be researching wedding day hairstyles and be worried about what might suit you.  I also have very thin hair (though I also have lots of it), and on my wedding day I really wanted voluminous, bouncy and full hair.  If you have between 1 and […] Read more…

Things I love

  • Floral-inspiration-shoot29

    Rose Tinted Flowers

    This week She Said Yes sat down with the lovely Rosie behind Auckland’s prettiest florist company Rose Tinted Flowers. Since we met at the launch of her pop-up store last year, I’ve wanted to feature her advice, her flower subscription service, and Rose Tinted Flowers beautiful bouquets which are romantic, natural and ‘freshly foraged’ style. […] Read more…

  • Bridal Shower High Tea Inspiration Organise

    Megan’s Bridal Shower

    You can read the Bridesmaids’ guide to Organising a Bridal Shower, written by the gorgeous girls who organised this equally gorgeous shower for me.  I’m sure you’ll agree, they did a beautiful job.   Now read How to Organise a Bridal Shower Read more…

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  • josh-emmett-buckwheat-crepe-galette

    lazy sundays at home: brunch, books, beauty, #butfirstcoffee

    During the week, I barely pause to breathe.  I rush between home and work by bike, try to squeeze in a workout or catch up with a friend at lunch, go straight from work to blogging events or legal seminars and networking events, and then try to get home in time to spend time with Blair and/or walk […] Read more…

  • NutriBullet Clean-Paleo-Smoothie

    Smoothie Bowls & other great smoothie ideas

    You’re loving (or at least, you’re reading) my Junk Free June recipes, so here’s another! I’m all about smoothies, and Junk Free June is the perfect excuse to have another.  However, this isn’t just your every-day smoothie recipe, either, so read on for some serious Sunday Smoothie inspiration. Also featuring the cutest “Evil Eye” bracelet […] Read more…


  • kate-spade-you-shop-nz-post

    Will you change your name after Marriage?

    While we didn’t follow every marriage tradition, the tradition to change your name after marriage was one that felt really right to me.  I took my new husband’s surname, Hutchison, after our wedding in February and was surprised by two things: How easy it is to change your name after marriage; and How much I […] Read more…

  • 12888703_10154131292387372_4051597651674758513_o

    Working Style impresses with Champagne, Bluff Oysters and AW16

    It’s not every day we’re invited to black-tie events complete with Champagne, Al Brown’s oysters, and a Working Style fashion show starring some of New Zealand’s best rugby players (I wish it was!).  This particular invitation was exciting for a number of reasons: Champagne and oysters, obviously; Blair was actually in the country and could […] Read more…