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  • Things to Do in Rotorua Weekend Romantic Activities TreeWalk Rotorua

    Romantic in Rotorua: a Weekend’s Worth of What to Do and Where to Visit

    A weekend in Rotorua didn’t immediately spring to mind when organising a romantic getaway either, but the past few days in the thermal wonderland has shattered all expectations.  If you’re looking at whether to go, or what to do in Rotorua, look no further, because our experience couldn’t have been better. Lake Rotorua is visually stunning; […] Read more…

  • Perfect Picnic Date

    Planning the Perfect Picnic Date

    In the ten years or so we’ve been “dating“, you think at some time we’d have been on the simple Picnic date, and now that we have, it’s definitely going to be on the cards again. Planning the perfect picnic date is as such an easy, quick and romantic way to spend time together one-on-one: […] Read more…


  • Beauty Book Makeup Artists New Zealand

    Do you really need a Makeup Artist?

    Though I love learning make-up techniques and trying the latest releases, my aptitude will never compare to that of a make up artist.  I’ve learned to bronze and blend but my highlight/contour still isn’t that conjured by the skilled hands (and eye) of a makeup artist with professional training and on-the-job experience . I don’t doubt that you’re more talented […] Read more…

  • MAC Brows are it

    M·A·C brows are it

    M.A.C. Just Released a Brand-New, Extensive Brow Collection and it couldn’t be more welcome!  You don’t need me to tell you the Brows are back in town!   Not the over-plucked then pencilled/tattooed brows of 90’s era Gwen Stefani or Pamela Anderson… but Big, Brazen, Bold, or even Bushy brows are making headlines. Now, brows are natural and dramatic, […] Read more…

Wedding Planning & Advice

  • 2016-04-24_0020

    Hutchison Wedding Photos

    Our Story Blair and I met in Christchurch ten years ago as flatmates, where I had a crush on him immediately. The first seven years were anything but ordinary or easy, as his job as a pilot caused his frequent relocation around the country, and shortly after settling in Christchurch post-earthquakes, better career prospects took […] Read more…

  • New Zealand Weddings Blog Matakana Ascension

    Ascension Wine Estate: Versatile, Unique and Picturesque

    A few weeks ago, Blair and I celebrated a month of marriage with a road-trip North for one of our favourite weekend retreats, Matakana Village.  We popped the Champagne at Ascension Wine Estate which is both a beautiful restaurant and a versatile venue perfect for weddings. A walk around the buildings reveals spaces each more beautiful than the last: the Belfry Chapel; the […] Read more…

Things I love

  • Bridal Shower High Tea Inspiration Organise

    Megan’s Bridal Shower

    You can read the Bridesmaids’ guide to Organising a Bridal Shower, written by the gorgeous girls who organised this equally gorgeous shower for me.  I’m sure you’ll agree, they did a beautiful job.   Now read How to Organise a Bridal Shower Read more…

  • Bridesmaids Robes Peter Alexander

    Beautiful Bridesmaids

    I have so much to share, so many thoughts and reflections and thanks to give from my wedding this past weekend, that it’s hard to know where to begin.  I’ve decided to start with the way I began my day, surrounded by the most beautiful bridesmaids, relaxing at our wedding venue with champagne and cake.  We […] Read more…

Life & Lifestyle

  • Wedding Dress Fitting Too Small

    Healthy Weight Loss: Goals, Tips and my 4 week progress

    If you’d told me this time last year that I’d be sharing my weight and body-fat with 6,000 Facebook followers, 12,500 Instagram followers and the general internet at large… a) I wouldn’t have believed you; and b) I’d tell you I’d rather know if I fit my wedding dress. Losing weight for the wedding For many […] Read more…

  • Megan Mumm Champagne

    You May Drink Champagne!

    If you’re looking out the window and wondering what on earth to do while the weather’s like this (in Auckland, at least), this is for you. In case you needed another reason to drink Champagne.  This Sunday 1 May sees the return of Soul’s ‘400 Reasons to drink Mumm Champagne’.  Every one in five glasses of Mumm sipped […] Read more…


  • 12888703_10154131292387372_4051597651674758513_o

    Working Style impresses with Champagne, Bluff Oysters and AW16

    It’s not every day we’re invited to black-tie events complete with Champagne, Al Brown’s oysters, and a Working Style fashion show starring some of New Zealand’s best rugby players (I wish it was!).  This particular invitation was exciting for a number of reasons: Champagne and oysters, obviously; Blair was actually in the country and could […] Read more…

  • Asos dresses

    Cheap Wedding Dresses Cheapen Weddings?

    Yesterday The Herald’s Rachel Wells published an article stating “Affordable wedding dresses at H&M and ASOS cheapen marriage.” ASOS and H & M will soon both have bridal collections.  Like everything else, bridal couture can will now be available as “fast fashion”, bought online or off-the-rack on the High Street.  So what?  Brides have always had the option […] Read more…